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We are Wolverine Soft, the video game development student group at the University of Michigan. We are here to ensure the continued success of the game development community on campus, and the success of U of M students in the video game industry. We help all developers -- artists, musicians, coders, designers and producers are all welcome.

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Turkey Jam 2014

View details on the upcoming Turkey Jam

Digital Portfolio Tutorial materials

Hello everyone,

You may review the materials created during our digitial portfolio tutorial here

Pumpkin Jam Survival Guide-- Tools, Rules, etc.

Hey guys,

You may review our intro presentation, which includes links to tools and tutorials...

right here.

Pumpkin Jam 2014 (WSOFT Game Jam)

You can find details on the Game Jam here.

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Game Maker Tutorial Resources

Here's the link to the resources from the Game Maker tutorial:

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