Pardon our Dust!

Please bear with us as we move our website to a new server. The site will not have most of its functionality, but you can still contact the officers if you need anything.

About Us

We are Wolverine Soft, the video game development student group at the University of Michigan. We are here to ensure the continued success of the game development community on campus. We help all developers -- artists, musicians, coders, designers and producers are all welcome.

Interested in Joining?

Whether you have a lot of experience in game development or not, you are welcome to join our community. We need programmers, artists, musicians, and people to do other various tasks (help put up flyers for new game releases, etc). Come to one of our weekly meetings just to see what we're all about.

Our current membership requirements are that you are a student or alumnus here at the University of Michigan, sign up to our discussion list (with the intention that you will participate regularly in discussions) and that you attend at least two meetings a semester. So come on out and contribute to game development on campus!

Weekly Meetings

Regular weekly Wolverine Soft meetings are on Mondays, at 7:00 PM. These meetings will usually take place at the Mac Training Rooms 3 on the third floor of the Duderstadt Center. See our calendar to check on upcoming events. Come get to know your fellow game developers, share ideas, and find help for your projects!

Email Lists

Wolverine Soft has two main email lists, the discussion list, and the announcements list. For more information on our email lists, such as how to join, see our discussion list information page.

Questions? Comments? Need to Contact Us?

If you have a question about Wolverine Soft, you can send an e-mail to our president or our officers:
Officers (includes president)
We'll be happy to answer any administrative issue concerning Wolverine Soft.

If you have a game development issue, announcement concerning a game you are working on, looking for help for your game, and you are signed up for our discussion list, then send an e-mail to the discussion list.